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We create custom eCommerce solutions that are tailored to your business.
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Fast, Flexible &
Stunning Storefront
You can choose from 100s of designer made templates, We'll customize your store’s look and feel to create your professional looking eCommerce website that complements your business.
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User Friendly &
Powerful Backend
The InfiCart ecommerce platform is very powerful, feature rich and fastest growing. The system incorporates a very easy to use backend administration system that makes life simple when wanting to add products, viewing invoices, run special offers, tier pricing and everything else you would expect from a professional system.
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Get your Custom WebStore Up and Running just in 7 days.
Your are not a web developer don't waste your valuable time on trying to build your own WebStore. Let us do it for you, Our team will create a stunning WebStore that is tailored for your business.
We don’t just build a store. We build business.
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Packed with all the features you need
New features are being added all the time to keep up with the latest trends and advances in eCommerce technology.
Powerful & Beautiful Store
Unlimited Products
Unlimited Orders
Multiple Payment Methods
Flexible Shipping Options
Mobile Friendly
Discount Coupon System
Search Engines Friendly
Affiliate partner programs
Order Management System
Order Tracking
Website Security
Secure Order Processing
Multiple Languages Support
Unlimited Support
Checkout Summary Display
Backup & Restore Tools
Your store. Your style.
Our professional themes make it easy to get started quickly with a design that fits your business
Home & Furniture
Decor Store
Home & Furniture
Lighting Store
Tools & Equipments
Tools Store
Pets & Animals
Pets Store
Home & Furniture
Furniture Store
Automotive & Cars
Auto Parts
Art & Culture
Ceramic Store
Food & Drinks
Cold Store
Beauty & Jewelry
Watch Store
Fashion & Wedding
Modern Suit
Nature & Flowers
Flower Bouquet
Fashion & Shoes
Mochi Store
Food & Drinks
Coffee Store
Furniture & Decor
Home Decor
Electronics & Computers
Mega Shop
Beauty & Jewelry
Cosmetic Store
Beauty & Jewelry
Jewelry Store
Fashion & Shoes
Mochi Store
Fashion & Apparels
Fashion Store
Fashion & Accessories
Bag Store
Beauty & Jewelry
Jewelry Store
Fashion & Accessories
Goggles Store
Fashion & Shoes
Mochi Store
Fashion & Apparels
Fashion Store
Beauty & Jewelry
Jewelry Store
Fashion & Apparels
Fashion Store
Beauty & Jewelry
Jewelry Store
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Sell Everywhere
Sell simultaneously on websites, mobile phones, social sites and marketplaces like Google.
More reasons to use InfiCart
Awesome Features of InfiCart
  • Non Functional
    Performance and scaling
    Hosting considerations
    Disaster recovery
  • Products
    Multiple images for each product
    Attributes on products that do not affect price e.g. colour and size
    Store weight and/or size against product or product type
    Temporarily hide or disable products and out of stock indicator
    Reorder or filter by price or brand
  • Tax & Freight
    Local tax calculation, international tax exemption and tax exemption for certain types of product
    National and international shipping zones
    Freight calculation - based on weight/size or a lookup table by product type or an external calculator service
    Freight calculation should cater for multiple items.
  • Gift Cards
    Purchase and activation
    Redemption with balance preservation
    Security PIN
  • Payment
    Real-time processing for standard credit cards and Pay Pal. Security to check validity and balance.
    Unique Confirmation Number
    Email printable invoice / order acknowledgment
  • Tools
    Effective searching for products, e.g. an advanced search or keyword search
    Pick-up incomplete orders when returning to the site - useful if they are not quite ready to purchase or if payment is not possible for some reason
    Product ratings & reviews
    Subscribe to products to receive related emails/newsletters
    Loyalty program - earn points on purchases and redeem on checkout
    Request a product form
  • Electronic Products
    Downloaded purchases, including delivery by email or download link or online inbox
    Restrict digital downloads to a specified number of downloads, or hours.
  • Reporting
    Web-stats reporting e.g. who is sending traffic to the shop
    Payment/cart statistics with graphs e.g. by product or category
  • Categories and Product Type
    Hierarchy of categories and subcategories
    Store image and other data for categories
    Multiple-categorisation of products
  • Cart
    Store user-entered text against an ordered product or an order such as special delivery instructions
    Shipping address and billing address - single entry where required
  • Discounting
    Single or multi use discount codes
    Waive shipping cost
    % discount by product type, by product or across everything
    Date and single-use expiry of discounts
    Special offers
  • Registration
    Checkout with minimal personal information and no user account
    User registration/account, including changing details and forgotten password
    View past orders
    Maintain a list of delivery addresses and a billing address
  • Cross-selling & Up-selling
    Other customers bought these products
    Global and per-category bestseller lists
    Related products by associating products with each other e.g. accessories
    Minimum order price
  • Inventory & Delivery
    Automatic adjustment of inventory on sale completion or shipping
    Print picking list
    Email upon dispatch
  • Customer Service
    Add private comments to each order, or comments that the customer can also see.
    Template emails to confirm order and shipment.
    Registered customers can view their order history and order statuses
    Address-book for multiple shipping addresses.
  • Systems Integration
    Google Base
    POS or other business systems
    Existing product catalogue
    Web content management system
    Subscription system
Not convinced yet?
Check out these awesome features
  • Storefront
    You have complete control over the look and feel of your website, from its domain name to its layout, colors and content.
  • Products
    Your products are displayed in an online catalog that you can organize by category, so they're easy for customers to browse and always look their best.
  • Checkout
    From PayU Money to PayPal to CC Avenue, We integrate with Multiple Payment Options Supported and bank transfer.
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Infinity InfoSolutions is a Software Company based in India. We work hard at providing quality web & win applications, expertise in online advertising and clean design.
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